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    Gary Rose

    Quick question for the Solar brains out there. Im trying to dial in my system. I was curious what volt system most folks use and how many amp hours


    That’s like asking what’s better: Ford, Chevy or Dodge 🙂

    Some 12v systems for smaller ones, 24v for medium and 48v for larger. Generally, higher voltage systems are more efficient. I personally have a 48v system with right at 1,000 amp/hr @ 48v. To get this I have 3 strings of 8(ea) 6v L16 batteries in series. So total of 24 batteries. I believe my battery bank would be considered a bit on the larger side.
    Remember if you put batteries in series you add the voltage but not the amp hours. For example, if you have 4(ea) 12v batteries that are 100 amp/hr each and you put them in series you get a 48v battery of 100 amp/hrs.

    Hope this helps but I’m certainly not an expert.


    Gary Rose

    wow, thx for the info


    You really need to a simple electrical load analysis. There are some easy on line forms for this. Once you know your load requirements you can then design a system to meet your needs. There are also several good electrical contractors that serve 3R’s and will do this and install a system for you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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