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Three Rivers Office
12468 SW Graham Rd.
Culver, OR 97734

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Mon - Thu: 10am - 5pm
Fri: 10am - 6pm
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Board of Directors

Randy Panek President • Boundaries & Land Use, Front Office Administration, Roads
Jeff Thompson Vice President • Rules & Regulations, Insurance, Security, Architectural
Bill Hawkins Secretary • Front Office Administration
Dan Mayer Treasurer • Volunteer Fundraising Committee
Rich Brandvold Architectural, Boundaries & Land Use
Kevin Fitzpatrick Roads, Boundaries & Land Use
Ryan Oliver Communications

Non-Board Positions
Peggy VanWinkle Assistant Treasurer
Karen McBride Front Office Administration
Sheila Oliver Communications
Penny Lippold Garbage/Recycling, Firewise
Gary Sweet Volunteer Fundraising Committee Co-Chair
Connie Heintz Volunteer Fundraising Committee Co-Chair